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Hunting for Best Pizza – Pizzeria Da Susy, Gurgaon

Looking for a great pizza experience in Delhi NCR, I made a post on Eatlo – the Facebook group and out came some serious and heavy recommendations. One that caught my eye and got mentioned the most on the thread was probably Pizzeria Da Susy. You have to be a member of the group to be able to see all comments and recommendations on this thread.

Having spent the last few years away from Delhi NCR and the dining scene in general I haven’t heard that name before, it was absolutely new to me, and I was intrigued. Now the wait for an occasion started when the visit would happen and thankfully the wait was not for too long.

We landed up at the Pizzeria at around 5 pm, not many customers at that hour – perfect. We had the entire place which happens to be super cute and the attention of the entire staff to ourselves.

We decided to stick to basics, the classic Margharettia and a somewhat exotic Burrata on the menu got my attention, and I ended up ordering the Burrata Salad – which I guess was the only or almost the only vegetarian choice for salads on the menu.

Pizza came and within came Chef Susy herself, ensuring that we were paying the respects that the pizza deserved and ate it properly by folding the slice first before digging into it, while using the fluffy far end of the crust to wipe off the ‘juices’ from the plate the pizza was served on.

Did not analyze the situation much, as we were really hungry and started to dig into the slice – a hallmark of a good pizza – did not make me miss the flakes or oregano or any other seasoning just the bite itself was perfect. Once I was done with the strong flavors of cheese and sauce – there kicked in the texture of the base itself – and that is where the game was won for me. It was thin and flattish from the center and fluffy on the sides – with some charred taste to it, which really stood out for me.

This would be I guess was we will call a Neapolitan pizza or Naples-style pizza – and this probably is only the second time I am having it, the last one being at Leo’s, again in Delhi, a few years back. Otherwise all so-called fantastic pizza places across India, including a couple of dozen run around Auroville with so-called European influence. all have been serving a flat base – ‘thin crust’ being the fancy word – a word that rings boring in my head when I hear it these days. A slightly more exciting base is where they end up using pastry dough giving it a slightly flaky and crispy texture, making it slightly less boring than the thin crust.

But this base – the base at Chef Susy’s – is what I have been craving for – something like a khamiri roti, something like a properly fermented naan – remember the so-called ‘wood fired’ oven is not too far away from good old Tandoor.

In my conversation with the Chef, she did tell me they are sourcing almost everything from Italy – except for the cheese. I think that does have an impact on the overall experience because the type of wheat, the way it is ground, cleaned, and stored – everything would have an impact on the end result. In fact, the same wheat when ground in different ways can produce so many different results. This is assuming that they are getting the flour as well from Italy itself.

Coming to salad – I was rather disappointed – the flavor and texture were on point – but I really missed some vegetables in there – lettuce seemed to dominate the equation. Appreciated the crunch, which came from what I think were vacuum-fried beetroots, besides that, we had some shaved carrots in the mix. The cheese itself – the burrata was delicious – though I am no expert – and have had it probably a couple of times only, so cannot say much about it. But as a dish, I did find the number of vegetables inadequate for the amount of cheese that the Burrata ball releases in that ball, in the end, the cheese itself became overwhelming, and could have used some more veggies to cut out the richness. Besides that, if you order anything Burrata – and it’s your first time – make sure you are 3-4 people – otherwise, it can get overwhelming to finish it all by yourself. But if you love it – then of course who is stopping you from downing it all by yourself?

Well, to sum it up – I am super glad I made that post on Eatlo and followed the responses. Cannot say that Pizzeria Da Susy is the best in Delhi NCR or not, as I have not spent much time in the city over the last few years, but Chef Susy’s Pizza is definitely one of the best I have tried ‘ever’ – and can definitely recommend to anyone or anyone looking for a really good Pizza experience.

Do check out the reel on Instagram – @Its_og_Shashank, with fabulous expressions from Gunjan, who was my partner in crime for this experience.

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