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Indian Restaurant and Dining Business 2023: Top 5 Trends by AI

As a business owner, market researcher, or stakeholder in the restaurant industry, you understand the importance of staying ahead of trends and understanding customer behavior. In today’s digital age, one of the most effective ways to do this is through keyword research and analysis. In this blog post, I’ll share a case study on how I used keyword research and artificial intelligence (AI) to gain valuable insights into the restaurant industry. At the end of this post, you will find several Top 5 lists that I was ChatGPT was able to generate using the keywords given to it.

Before we dive into the case study, let’s identify the types of businesses and the specific stakeholders within them who will find this information particularly relevant:

  1. Restaurant Owners and Managers: Whether you’re an owner, general manager, or a member of the operations team, understanding what potential customers are searching for can help you tailor your menu, hours, and services to meet their needs.
  2. Food Delivery Services: Stakeholders such as strategic partnership managers, operations managers, and data analysts can use this data to optimize their partnerships with restaurants and their delivery schedules.
  3. Marketing and Advertising Agencies: Account managers, digital strategists, and SEO specialists can use this data to help their restaurant clients target their advertising more effectively, based on the types of food, dining experiences, and locations that are most searched for.
  4. Market Research Firms: Market researchers, data analysts, and consumer insights managers can use this data to conduct more detailed studies on dining trends, customer preferences, and the impact of location on restaurant choice.
  5. Real Estate Developers: Project managers, leasing agents, and strategic planners who are planning to build shopping centers or mixed-use developments can use this data to decide what types of restaurants to include in their plans.
  6. Investors and Financial Institutions: Investment analysts, portfolio managers, and loan officers can use this data to assess market trends and the potential success of different types of restaurants.
  7. Tech Companies: Product managers, UX designers, and data scientists developing apps or websites related to food, dining, or restaurant reviews can use this data to understand user behavior and preferences.
  8. Supply Chain and Wholesale Food Suppliers: Supply chain managers, procurement specialists, and inventory analysts can use this data to anticipate demand for certain food items and adjust their inventory accordingly.

Now, let’s dive into the case study and explore how keyword research and AI can provide valuable insights into the restaurant industry.

The Power of Keyword Research

Keyword research is a technique used in search engine optimization (SEO) to find and analyze actual search terms that people enter into search engines. By understanding the exact phrases that people are typing into search engines, businesses can tailor their content and services to meet customer needs more effectively.

In this case study, I used keyword research to analyze search terms related to the restaurant industry in India. The keywords were provided in three different categories: general search terms, terms with the highest increase in searches from 2022 to 2023, and terms sorted by top of the page bid (both low and high range).

Harnessing AI for Analysis

To analyze these keywords, I used an AI language model developed by OpenAI called GPT-3. This AI model is capable of understanding and generating human-like text based on the input it receives. By feeding the keywords into the AI model, I was able to generate insights about the most popular search terms, the types of restaurants people are looking for, popular cuisines, and more.

Key Insights

The analysis revealed several key trends and patterns:

  1. Location-Based Searches: Many searches were location-based, indicating that proximity and convenience are important factors when choosing a restaurant.
  2. Cuisine Preferences: There was a noticeable increase in searches for specific types of cuisine, including Japanese, Lebanese, and Asian, suggesting a growing interest in diverse international cuisines.
  3. Fast Food Chains: Fast food chains like Subway and McDonald’s continue to be popular, with specific interest in their menus and deals.
  4. Meal-Specific Searches: Searches for “breakfast restaurants near me”, “dinner near me”, and “brunch spots near me” suggest that people are looking for restaurants that specialize in certain meals of the day.
  5. Type of Dining Experience: Terms like “all-you-can-eat restaurants”, “bar and grill”, and “izakaya” (a type of Japanese bar) suggest people are seeking specific dining experiences.
  6. Quality Indicators: The term “Michelin star” and searches for top restaurants suggest that some users are seeking high-quality dining experiences.
  7. Open Restaurants: Searches like “food places open near me”, “food open”, and “places open near me” indicate a need for restaurants that are open during specific hours, possibly late at night or early in the morning.

Implications for Businesses

These insights have several implications for businesses in the restaurant industry and related sectors. For example, restaurant owners can use this information to tailor their menus and hours of operation to customer preferences. Food delivery services can optimize their partnerships with restaurants and their delivery schedules based on the types of food people are searching for and at what times. Marketing and advertising agencies can help their restaurant clients target their advertising more effectively based on the types of food, dining experiences, and locations that are most searched for.

In conclusion, keyword research and AI provide powerful tools for understanding customer behavior and trends in the restaurant industry. By leveraging these tools, businesses can gain valuable insights that canhelp them make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

The Future of Keyword Research and AI in the Restaurant Industry

As technology continues to evolve, the use of keyword research and AI in the restaurant industry is likely to become even more prevalent. For example, AI could be used to predict future trends based on historical search data, helping restaurants stay ahead of the curve. Similarly, keyword research could be used to understand regional differences in food preferences, allowing restaurants to tailor their offerings to specific markets.

Moreover, as more people use voice search on their smartphones or smart home devices, the nature of keyword research may change. Instead of typing in short phrases like “pizza near me,” users might ask more complex questions like “Where can I get a vegan pizza with gluten-free crust nearby?” AI will be instrumental in understanding and responding to these more complex queries.


In today’s digital age, understanding what customers are searching for online is crucial for businesses in the restaurant industry. By leveraging keyword research and AI, businesses can gain valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences, helping them make informed decisions and stay competitive. Whether you’re a restaurant owner, a food delivery service, or a marketing agency, understanding these trends can help you better serve your customers and succeed in the ever-evolving restaurant industry.

In the future, I plan to continue using keyword research and AI to analyze trends in the restaurant industry and other sectors. Stay tuned for more insights and case studies. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how keyword research and AI can benefit your business, feel free to reach out. I’m always here to help.

Taking a Deeper Dive

I will be taking a deeper dive into the data and these are the posts that I might come up with, will be updating the link in this thread once I am done publishing the same. Stay Tuned!

  1. The Rise of International Cuisines: A Look at the Most Searched Cuisines in India: This post could explore the growing popularity of various international cuisines in India, as indicated by the search terms.
  2. Fast Food Chains vs. Local Restaurants: What Do Online Searches Tell Us?: This post could compare the frequency of searches for fast food chains versus local restaurants, discussing what this might mean for the restaurant industry.
  3. The Impact of Location on Restaurant Choices: An Analysis of ‘Near Me’ Searches: This post could delve into the importance of location in restaurant searches and discuss strategies for restaurants to capitalize on this trend.
  4. Dining Experiences in Demand: From All You Can Eat to Fine Dining: This post could discuss the variety of dining experiences people are searching for, from all-you-can-eat buffets to Michelin-starred restaurants.

Top 5 Lists from Indian Restaurant and Dining Business

Based on the data provided in the thread, here are some top 5 lists that can be generated:

Top 5 Most Frequently Mentioned Fast Food Chains:

  1. KFC
  2. McDonald’s
  3. Subway
  4. Pizza Hut
  5. Domino’s Pizza

Top 5 Most Frequently Searched Cuisines:

  1. Chinese
  2. Korean
  3. Malaysian
  4. Spanish
  5. Mediterranean

Top 5 Most Frequently Searched Types of Dining Experiences:

  1. All You Can Eat / Buffet
  2. Bar and Grill / Resto Bar
  3. Fast Food
  4. Family Restaurant
  5. Bistro / Brasserie

Top 5 Most Frequently Searched Food Items:

  1. Fried Chicken
  2. Shawarma
  3. Burgers
  4. Subway Cookies
  5. Seafood

Top 5 Most Frequently Searched Quality Indicators:

  1. Michelin Star
  2. Best Restaurants
  3. Fancy Restaurants
  4. Top Restaurants
  5. Best Seafood

Top 5 Most Frequently Searched Meal-Specific Terms:

  1. Dinner
  2. Breakfast
  3. Lunch
  4. Brunch
  5. Dine Out / Dine In

Top 5 Most Frequently Searched Terms Related to Restaurant Availability:

  1. Restaurants Open Near Me
  2. Food Places Open Near Me
  3. Places Open Near Me
  4. Food Open
  5. Places to Eat Near Me Open

Top 5 Most Frequently Searched Specific Restaurants:

  1. Atera
  2. Phoenix Restaurant
  3. China House
  4. Cafe Sydney
  5. Noma Restaurant

Top 5 Most Frequently Searched Terms Related to Deals and Offers:

  1. Subway Deals
  2. KFC Wednesday Offer
  3. KFC Deals
  4. Pizza Hut Buffet
  5. KFC Offers

Top 5 Most Frequently Searched Terms Related to Location:

  1. Near Me
  2. Around Me
  3. Close to Me
  4. Near Us
  5. Local Restaurants Near Me

These lists provide a snapshot of the most popular search terms related to restaurants, indicating trends in dining preferences, types of cuisine, and specific food items.

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