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Hello everyone! My name is Shashank Aggarwal and as some of you know I have always been passionate about several things and have never been afraid to express them. Some of the things that excite and stimulate me, include but are not limited to technology, marketing, entrepreneurship, travel, nutrition, photography, cinema etc. These are all areas that have captivated my imagination and inspired me to continuously learn and grow. Besides that, I have been living as a Digital Nomad for the larger part of my professional life, and have structured my life to work from remote and exotic locations.

I think I have had an interesting life, and some of you have been connected to me through one medium or the other for larger part of the decade and some even more. I think I can say that I have had a fairly public life, at least more than what I would have liked it to be. However thanks to my recent delving into astrology, I can say I am pretty much destined for it. More on that later, yes, I plan to talk about Astrology on this blog as well. What else I plan to write here about?

Nutrition – As someone who has struggled with weight and body issues, I think I have a fair bit to contribute here.

Cinema – Because I love shows and cinema, love expressing myself about them as well.

Marketing – Specially of the Digital Kinds – as that is where my bread, butter, and beer come from.

Travel – Told you, I am a Digital Nomad and yes, I do like to travel and sometimes express it.

Astrology – things get really interesting here, even science is not able to prove that astrology is not a science.

Politics – favorite time pass of India. wait – only India? 😛

And of course, I will keep updating this list and post as time goes by. Would request you to please subscribe to my emails, This will ensure I am able to send you the latest posts I write.

Here is a list of categories, that are currently active on this blog.

Though all the posts are published under my name, however, I am taking heavy helping hands from AI tools as well as assistants and freelancers to bring you what you see here. That said, all content is curated by myself, and in accordance with my experiences.

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What do you want to hear about?

Will try to keep it interesting, very interesting.

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