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Mission Impossible : Dead Reckoning!

Some movies are made just because they have to be made, cars, bikes, trains, pains, boats, jumps, parachutes, nuclear bombs, flights to Venice or somewhere in Europe – have I named all the cliche. Pick everything that you would have seen in a 100 movies of the genre – club it together and voila Mission Impossible Pro Max which they are calling Dead Reckoning is born.

Tom cruise looks more bored than me running through the motions for nth number of times doing the same thing, I am sure by now the AI Model to generate Tom Cruise for entirety would be ready with the makers of the Mission Impossible Franchise – the real Tom Cruise is doing an excellent job of being so predictable, and patterned that the future AI models would no troubles generating Mission Impossible movies till posterity or eternity, whatever the word is.

Probably would appeal to the the younger audience who are yet to see the classics and these old school rundown antiques excite them, however somehow people like have to expect a bit more from their cinema.

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